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Shenzhou Resources intends to acquire ultrafine nano calcium carbonate powder

From:GuangXi Huana Publish:2013-07-11 12:50 Browse:
        Sina Financial News May 10 news, China Resources announced the company on 9th of this month (yesterday) entered into a memorandum of understanding with the dawn letter, acquired 7% interest in Wei really, really interested in the entire registered capital of Wei Wei Xiang of Wuhu. Wuhu Wei Xiang is a Chinese company whose main business is the production and sale of ultra-fine nano calcium carbonate powder and related products, which are widely used in plastics, paints, paper and rubber industries. The Directors consider that the Acquisition may be a suitable opportunity for the Group to broaden its range of investments to diversify its income sources and will enable the company and its shareholders as a whole.
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