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Qinyong Wu of the Nanning Municipal Technology Bureau Surveys Guangxi Huana

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Nanning Municipal Technology Bureau Qinyong Wu to my company research

         November 22 afternoon , Nanning Municipal Science and Technology Secretary Qinyong Wu , deputy director of the Shi ranking government and other leaders , accompanied by Secretary for yellow Wuming whole new Material Co., Ltd. Guangxi Huana New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out research work .
        During the meeting, the chairman of Guangxi Huana New Material Technology Co., Ltd. company Mr. Huang Anding describes the development and production operations of the company's new products. Guangxi Huana New Material Technology Co., Ltd. expects 2013 core products - nano calcium carbonate production and sales will reach 12.5 million tons, a leader in the peer. At the current pace of development in the coming years will be gradually opened Guangxi Huana New Material Technology Co., Ltd. second gap with industry , to become China's largest manufacturer of nano calcium carbonate .覃局长After listening to the report , given to the development of the company 's recognition and praise , and made good suggestions for new product development and intellectual property protection.

        After the meeting, Tan Bureau yellow line , accompanied by the chairman , visited the company's R & D center and part of the workshop.

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